Two-tone wedding bands

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Two-tone wedding bands

Two-tone wedding bands are special wedding bands that allow you to play a lot with both the pattern of the band itself and the colors. Indeed, it is possible to make intertwined rings with two colors (e.g., yellow gold and rose gold), or rings in one color of gold with a decoration or addition of another color. Below are just some of the examples:

Two-tone wedding bands with diamond row

White wedding bands with pink heart and diamonds

Two-tone with calligraphic signature inside

Two-tone with black and white diamonds

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We wanted wedding bands that we could customize to our liking, and the artisans at this jewelry store accommodated us by doing, among other things, a great job. We chose two-tone, rose gold and white gold wedding bands with our little girls’ fingerprints engraved inside. A fantastic job was performed and all the craftsmen are very helpful.
Melania Perillo

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