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Guide to choosing your wedding rings

Our guide for you

How to choose the perfect wedding bands

To choose the wedding bands that will be with you for a lifetime we guide you through the following steps:

STEP 1: Choosing the model

There are various models: from traditional ones such as the
and the
, to newer models such as the
and the
wedding bands

STEP 2: Choice of gold

The choice of color is not trivial and changes from person to person:
yellow gold
white gold
rose gold
? Not forgetting the
two-tone wedding rings
or in

STEP 3: Adding the gem

Choose the
or a series of diamonds to embellish-you can even choose color and shape!

And finally.

FINAL STEP: Customization and Finishing

Create your own personalized wedding bands: make your wedding band truly unique with custom engravings (use your names or engrave a dedication to be made in your own handwriting or a font of your choice)…

… and put the finishing touches on your perfect wedding ring with finishes (from classic shiny or matte to more special effects such as hammered or woven weave) ♥

Tips. Making your own custom-made wedding band is, in most cases, more cost-effective than buying a designer, industrially mass-produced one.

A unique object

Wedding rings: what do they represent?

The wedding ring is the most important element of marriage. It symbolically represents the promise of love: in fact, it is worn during the exchange of wedding vows as a symbol of eternal love.

Its position in the hand also has emotional value: in fact, the ancients believed that a flow of energy connected directly to the heart departed from the ring finger of the left hand.

Most importantly, a wedding ring is a unique and special ring: unlike all other jewelry, it is never taken off-it will accompany us day after day throughout our lives.

For all these reasons, the choice of wedding ring is very important and its implementation should be entrusted to professionals. At Ten Hundred Jewels, we love our work and want our customers to have the best, always.

It always starts here

Wedding rings: choosing the model


Also called Italian, it represents our tradition.


The thinnest faith, as delicate as your love.


A wider faith, protagonist on your hand


Le comfortable, slightly convex wedding band for maximum comfort.

Fedina (or Flat)

The flat, modern-style wedding band.

A choice not to be underestimated

Wedding rings: choosing gold

The color of gold is a simple but important choice. It depends on many elements such as for example taste, tradition, complexion, … Let’s look at the various possibilities together:

Yellow gold

The traditional color of the Italian faith

White gold

A modern color appreciated by men and women

Rose gold

Particular color warm and personality


So many variations to match to stand out

Tips. If these types are not enough for you, don’t worry: we at Ten Hundred Jewels make any kind of wedding band according to your wishes. For example, we also make platinum wedding bands. A platinum wedding band is a special ring visually similar to white gold that not all goldsmiths are able to make. If you want to know more please contact us ↓
For those who want to add “brightness”

Wedding rings: adding the gemstone

For those who want to add a special touch of brightness and color, adding a diamond is definitely a perfect solution. There are several alternatives, here are a few:

Pair of black and white diamonds

Pair of diamonds to please both

Brilliant-cut diamonds

A row of diamonds to make your wedding ring even more precious

Compound Diamond in Binary

A row of diamonds following the heart-shaped decoration

Heart-cut black diamond

Highly demanded especially by future husbands

Tips. Diamond (in various cuts) is definitely the most chosen gemstone, but it is not the only one: many brides and grooms prefer other gemstones such as sapphires and rubies. Contact us for help in choosing ↓

Make your faith truly unique

Personalized wedding bands

One of the fundamental elements in the making of wedding bands is definitely the personalization by internal or external engraving of any element you desire (names, dedication, symbols or other).

You can, for example, engrave your names in a font of your choice, or even using your own handwriting; the same can be done with a particular phrase or dedication. It is also possible to engrave designs, symbols, and shapes either in both faiths or in a “broken” manner, that is, with one design joining the two faiths. Here are some examples:

Calligraphic signature and internal dedication

Wedding rings with calligraphic signature and internal dedication

Imprint, external signature and diamond

Wedding rings with external imprint, calligraphic signature and diamond

Interior engraving halved

Wedding rings with internal engraving halved

Exterior decoration and interior engraving

Wedding rings with exterior decoration and interior personalized character

Tips. Don’t hold back your imagination. Our goldsmith’s workshop is able to intervene at every stage of the creation of the wedding ring: this allows us to make, unlike jewelry stores and other less well-equipped workshops, any kind of customization, even the one they tell you is “impossible to make.” Contact us for help in choosing ↓
The last touch of class

Wedding rings: finishing

The finish allows you to make your wedding ring even more unique and special. It is also something that will further distinguish you from industrially mass-produced wedding bands. In fact, the finish is done manually by the goldsmith: it is therefore impossible to find it in industrially made wedding rings.

The classic finish is polished (which is the normal finish you can find in jewelry rings) or satin (also called matte). Then there are much more special finishes such as hammering, diamond polishing, brushing, and so on. Some allow for special effects such as woven texture. Here are some examples:

Mixed Glossy and Satin

Wedding band with half shiny and half satin effect

Cross Weave Effect

Very unusual cross-weave wedding band

Hammered Effect and Satin Effect

Rings with different finishes: hammered and satin

Glazed Effect Finish

Wedding band with black enamel effect

Tips. Hand finishing is perhaps the element that most distinguishes a wedding band made manually by a goldsmith from one made industrially. Therefore, please contact us and describe the desired effect, which we will be happy to make especially for you ↓

Why choose our

Wedding Rings in Turin?

Listen to our customers:
What can I say, our wedding rings are a sight everyone really liked them! 100% customized as we wanted them both outside and inside! Professionalism, helpfulness and punctuality. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Cecilia De Martis

We met this amazing goldsmith workshop by chance at a fair and immediately fell in love with it. We are happy to have unique wedding bands customized to the smallest detail with our own ideas. They were all very kind, professional and punctual, you can see the difference of people who do their work with passion and dedication. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Emanuela Favella

Fantastic service, professionalism and courtesy at the right price. Super personalized wedding bands and I personally had the cufflinks made, unique because they are designed on a pattern given by me!
Mauro Lucia

Our wedding rings are designed and made in Turin – Strictly Made in Italy ♥

Everything we do we design and make “in house,” in our goldsmith’s workshop.

Behind every wedding band is the love and passion for the work of our goldsmith artisans and designers.

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