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Our Personalized Men’s Rings

We make custom-made Man rings in silver, gold or other metals. Our goal is to make a Men’s ring that totally reflects the character and personality of the wearer.

We make the classic and timeless chevaliers in gold also with stones, or bands and bands.

We make rings in rhodium-plated or burnished silver (antique effect).

Lots of customized effects, such as scratched, or brushed effect, hammered rings, themed, unique, eye-catching, with great personality even with unconventional stones, such as rough diamonds, or rare semi-precious stones, so that every man can express his personality with unique jewelry, nothing standardized, not a mass fashion but distinctive style marks for all budgets.

Contact us to make your own custom-made Men’s ring. Below are just a few of our creations:

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Men’s Rings in Turin?

Listen to our customers:

Below I will list photos and experiences, but the classic comment can definitely be: very kind, it takes very little to understand all the passion they have for their work. They offer totally customizable products (you can really start from scratch) and as “artists” they also offer really appreciable advice (artists is not an exaggeration, I swear). They guarantee their creations for life, and an important point is the really competitive prices, which when you take into account the fact that they are not just retailer jewelers, but creators, become even embarrassing!
in short, 5 stars are few, there had been 10, they would have deserved at least 12!!!

The first purchase made, were wedding bands as Best Man. Beautiful, a rose gold engraved with the names written directly in the bride and groom’s handwriting. The bride and groom in turn gave me their own bracelet, personalized of course, with an A of my name on it, made from the same gold used to make up the wedding rings.. Spectacular. Later I had some repairs done to my jewelry (tightening rings, resoldering necklaces) always perfect and quick. Dulcis in fundo, I commissioned a ring, reminding me of my Apulian origins, and off with body from Trullo, and engraved the “Pumo”, it is something spectacular, I swear!!!

Antonio Lomazzo

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