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And who says men don’t love to wear personalized jewelry that shows particular taste and style?

Jewelry is certainly not just a feminine quirk; men also like to assert their personality with a piece of jewelry.

Ten Hundred Jewels makes men’s chevalier-type or band rings, bearing subjects, symbols and workmanship suggested by customers.

Men’s jewelry can be made in silver or gold.

One can use black stones, rough or brown colored diamonds, antique cuts, or so-called iced diamonds: less precious than those usually used for women’s jewelry but of great aesthetic impact.

Experience tends to lead us to believe that men little recognize themselves in the mass productions of the big brands, and if they do not wear jewelry, often the real reason is that they find nothing on the market but standardized products that make them uncomfortable instead of feeling valued.

Among the colors of gold is popular rose gold, which can also be used as a detail for a decoration on a silver bracelet, and it is also possible to make silver jewelry with gold parts.

Among the various workmanships, personalized men’s cufflinks are very successful. In fact, many of our newlyweds (or wedding witnesses) like to have cufflinks made based on their own request.

Other popular men’s jewelry are dedicated key chains perhaps with engravings designed by the children, precious details that preserve the memory of the children’s childhood, as if they were a photo-reminder of special moments.


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Listen to our customers:

DieciCento produced the personalized silver cufflinks (shaped like a DeLorean!) for my wedding. Excellent work, great workmanship and great kindness of the staff when I went to pick them up. Fair price.

Riccardo Raneri

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