Frequently asked questions about wedding bands and jewelry

Our experts answer frequently asked questions about wedding rings and (precious) jewelry in general.

Does rose gold fade or lose color?

Rose gold if it is true rose gold like the one produced by DieciCento Jewels, does not fade, the pink coloring is in the alloy: the gold titer is always 750 or 18 karat.
If they tell you that it fades it is not true now pink, but pink galvanized yellow gold.

Does rose gold have a lower title? Is it 18 karat?

The pink ro we produce is 18 karat i.e. title 750. There is also rose gold with lower titrations, 14 or 9 carats.
We produce at 18 karat title, as evidenced by the stamp that by law must be made on the jewelry.

Can wedding rings be made to size? Do the etchings go away?

Wedding rings are a ring that will be with you all your life, so certainly you can nay should put it on to size.
A capable goldsmith knows how to work on any ring, the important thing is to rely on goldsmith professionals with certified experience.

Can diamonds on wedding bands be lost?

If the setting is artfully done, the diamond on the wedding ring will not be lost, except in rare cases of combination, perhaps a violent accidental bump at a particular angle.
The setting, however, must be done with a precise technique-we at DieciCento Jewels can explain how our rings are set and the difference with other products.

In two-tone wedding bands and rings, can you put yellow gold and rose gold?

The two colors yellow and pink are warm colors: placed close together one turns the other off; usually white is always paired with pink or white with yellow i.e. one cold and one warm color.
In the case of a ring with all 3 golds, the white is always in the middle to give the detachment.

Should maintenance be done in diamond or gemstone rings?

It is a good rule of thumb to periodically give any ring with diamonds or precious stones (sapphires, rubies, emeralds, topazes, tanzanites, opals, amethysts, …) a professional cleaning.
“Diamond is forever,” but frames should be checked every so often, with use some parts may wear out over the years, much depends on how you wear them, how often you wear them, and what kind of work you do. DIY should generally be avoided, especially for rings that are valuable or whose sentimental value to you is important.
Consider it the maintenance of your rings as if it were a coupon, a professional cleaning can be considered beneficial because your jewelry will always shine and the goldsmith if he sees a problem will tell you in advance, avoiding perhaps irreversible damage.

Does the white hour with time get ruined? Does the brightness go away?

White gold is externally treated with another metal, rhodium, which is a very expensive noble metal. Depending on your lifestyle and use of the jewelry yes, rhodium will wear off over time; in this case just repeat the rhodium plating process.
Earrings and pendants tend to wear out less quickly than rings or bracelets.
The more quality the product, the less the rhodium plating will tend to go away.
We have noticed in the lab that alcohol-based sanitizing gels with glycerin dull the rings and stones: in this we recommend washing them well under running water; don’t worry, however, they won’t spoil.
Again, it can be helpful to take them in after a while to have them professionally cleaned.

Why choose diecicento jewels

Our jewelry is designed and made in our workshop in Turin – Strictly Made in Italy from local and certified suppliers ♥

Everything we do we design and make “in house,” in our goldsmith’s workshop.

Behind every piece of jewelry is the love and passion for the work of our goldsmith artisans and designers.

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