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Choosing an engagement ring

How to avoid classic mistakes when choosing a ring

The engagement ring is the symbolic gift of the promise of marriage: a pledge of love, which the groom-to-be gives to his beloved in preparation for the wedding.

All brides-to-be (even those who do not explicitly admit it) anxiously await the moment when they will receive their marriage proposal.To make this moment unique, there is nothing women like better than an engagement ring designed especially for them.

To make sure you don’t go wrong, we at DieciCento Jewels guide you in choosing the perfect engagement ring through the following steps:

STEP 1: Choosing the frame

The setting is one of the most impactful elements when choosing an engagement ring, and it is not always easy to understand the wishes of the bride-to-be

STEP 2: Choosing the gemstone

The gemstone is the indispensable element, but pay attention to the details. Choose between the classic Diamond or a particular color Gemstone

Tips. In almost all cases, having a custom engagement ring made costs less than getting it from a jewelry store, and allows you to get a unique piece of jewelry with a definite impact. Trust us, it will say Yes!

Engagement ring: choosing the setting

How to choose a frame appreciated by the bride-to-be

The choice of setting for a ring is usually an aesthetic consequence to the choice of stone.

The ring is created around the element that will make it unique. Following the directions of those who commission it, or interpreting the taste and style of those who will wear it.

On the other hand, if you have no inspiration or find it difficult to get it, no fear: thanks to our experience, we know which frames are the most popular and modern, and we will be able to guide you in choosing one that is sure to impress!

Engagement ring: choosing a gemstone

How to choose the gemstone that will make the bride-to-be dream

The engagement ring always has precious stones, but these do not have to be diamonds!

The diamond represents purity and eternity, which is why it is the best friend of many girls (as Marilyn Monroe also sang), but not all.

In fact, there are so many alternatives to the classic diamond ring: just to name one, ring with a blue sapphire set in a daisy setting (like the one given by Prince Harry to Kate Middleton that was originally given by Charles to Diana); but they are not: you could opt for an aqua sea, or a ruby, or even a pink sapphire.

The possibilities are many and cater to all tastes and spending possibilities. Don’t foreclose any possibilities; we will always know how to amaze your bride-to-be.

Why to create with us the Engagement Ring in Turin?

Listen to our customers:

There are no words to describe their skill!!! My fiancé created my engagement ring with them and it is what I always dreamed of, they are gorgeous! Now we are choosing the wedding bands that will be just as magnificent. We can only thank and congratulate them!

Arianna Caruana

In our workshop in Turin, we have helped many engaged couples choose the perfect engagement ring. If you, too, want to impress your bride-to-be but are not sure how to go about it, contact us: we will help you choose the perfect engagement ring without going over budget!

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